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push button convert to pressure pad

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To whom it may concern

I'm new to electronics
I will like to convert the push button on a laser range-finger to a pressure pad switch
someone did something similar with this https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-a-Free-Tactical-Pressure-Switch/

but i don't want to make everything from scratch like him, I want to use a remote pressure switch from a flashlight and connect it to the push button on the laser range-finder, they are laser range-finder that have a remote pressure switch already but I don't want to buy those


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So what exactly is your question? Momentary tactile switches are all around us. You can buy one for about five cents US. An OCR Tactile Push Button Switch Micro Momentary is what you want. You can also hack one from any of several sources. So what exactly are you asking or need help with?



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i wondering if there is a off the shelf Remote Pressure Switch available to relocate push button
(I guess i can just modify one)
Excellent idea. If your mod doesn't work, at least you've learned a little bit. Let us know how it works out.


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Its contacts just need to be in parallel with the existing switch.


Also the ratings(voltage current) for the switch need to be accurate. If you solder them in parallel you can use both switches. If you have more than 2 contacts, please post a picture and part number of the pressure pad switch.
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