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Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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I've been looking at a lot of different files ands schematics for different PSW inverters and have been thinking about a way of creating an inverter of my own. It will be a 24 VDC input with 240 VAC / 60Hz output. It will also be transformerless, and variable power, depending on how many sets of Power Mosfets are put into the system. The transformerless part comes from the 24/240 VDC boost converter that will be placed on the power stage with the mosfets. I am just posting to tell of the idea and plan on trying to do it myself. I'm attatching files and links to some of the different places where I have gotten my ideas from. Tell me what you think guys, besides it being VERY dangerous. That part is a GIVEN. Som,e of the files in the Google Drive are 230V / 50Hz, though. I may need some help with coding if I use a uC to do the PWM portion of the driver board. Using a uC seems the simplist way of doing the PWM for driving the H-Bridge, needing the fewest components except for portions of potential feedback systems for low battery, overload or over-current protection.


250 to 5000 Watt PWM DC/AC 220 V Power inverter
PSW Inerter Files
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