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PSE SM2000 Amplifier Schematic

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I'll leave this here in case it's of use to anyone else repairing one of these.

I've traced a more-or-less complete circuit diagram for the SM2000 public adress amplifier from German manufacturer PSE (professional sound equipment). This is an older unit which is out of production, and there seems to be very little info on the 'net.
Only the amplifier itself (the interesting bit!) is included - I've omitted the protection circuitry, clip detection, power supplies, etc.

It's worth a peek if youre interested in amplifier design, as it's an interesting hybrid class-G/switching topology, similar to that used in some Yamaha amplifiers.

The schematic is drafted in LTspice (.asc file).


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More work than I probably wanted, really.
But when you're tracing a schematic, when do you stop? I always want to know what's around the next bend (as it where).
Anyway, at least it's a single sided board, so it could be worse.


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I'd like to replace a mere "like" with "Impressive". Do you have any tricks to share. Care to reverse engineer a single-sided board for me? Thru-hole components. Photos of boards. I think i have a component's placement and a list of parts, but non-electronic format. Microwave controller. Would pay. I need to create the list of components. PM if mildy interested. No time limits either. Primarily interested in the thermister signal conditioning.


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I've no tricks to share, I'm afraid, although I did have some luck with a double-sided board by taking a picture of each side and overlaying them - that worked quite well.
I'm afraid I'm going to turn down your offer of paid work - tempting as it is to take up the challenge. I've just got too many other projects on the go.

If it's not confidential maybe just post it here and see if anyone's interested?
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