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ps/2 mouse movement bytes?

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As some of you may know I have been working on a PS/2 mouse --INPUT--> 16F877A --OUTPUT--> MCP4922 (DAC). Right now I just learned what the heck is going on in EPE's PIC TO MOUSE DEMO code... with help from Adam Chapweske's PS/2 mouse article.

I feel pretty confident that I know what is going on in the program and I am ready to start writing the code that will translate the X and Y movement Bytes into an output signal to the DAC (MCP4922). The only problem is I do NOT know how the X and Y movement bytes of the mouse are translated into binary movement bytes. I have searched the internet for as much information as I can about this subject and haven't been able to find anything. So I am hoping someone who reads this will know.

  • Could someone point me to an article OR explain to me how the X and Y mouse movement bytes work?

  • Maybe someone knows of a program that will show the communications between the host and the mouse like in Adam Chapweske's article (I would need a program that shows the movement bytes in binary form).

Thank you.
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