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protopying electronic 3D puzzle

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Hi, i have a problem doing my project and the connecting of circuit for the cube and the board.
pls help me out.!


the cube has 6 different pic. then the circuit board connection need to be correct when the cube is connected to the circuit board.

it is at the attach file..

pls send me through by e-mail



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3D puzzle connection

Can u help me check whether there is a connection problem in my circuit for the board?:confused:

Project Scope:
The project is a study into multiple alternatives of using sensors to sense orientation and location with or without a docking station for 3D puzzle game cubes. This product is aimed at toddlers and game cubes need to allow for voice guiding or illuminated display to assist the toddler in completing the puzzle. After the feasibility study of 2-3 sensor choices, and time permitting, the students will prototype the complete system on an embedded controller.
The project mainly focuses on selection and studies on sensor choices for use in the scenario specified by the industry partner.
Major Tasks
1. Selecting 2-3 choices of low-cost sensors and studying their feasibility of use.
2. Embedded hardware design and programming.

Can u suggest what kind material can be used for the board and the cubes?


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i need someone to pin point out where is the problem of my circuit. can help me? and which comparator componment is better to use for the circuit to test out when the correct cube is put in the correct direction and orientation the LED green light will light up?
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