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project idea

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hello ,
here's a guy doing his bachelors at Engg in Electronics and Communications :D
i need some one to help me....
well presently iam totally confused which feild to choose for my career ahead.... well..iam hoping some electronic gurus out there can help me out


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You may be suffering from the old line, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The truth is - nobody really knows. For instance, take me. I have been working for lots of years in a field that I studied in college and am very happy. BUT, if a better opportunity came along, I would go with it. The fact is that there is no SINGLE perfect carreer for a person - there are lots of really good ones.

I think that the best people to direct you in a general direction are the professors from your last two years of college. These are people who know you (relative to your interests) better than anyone else. Better than your family, your friends, and certainly better than anyone on this forum. Get to know them, let them get to know you, and listen to their advise.


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You said you are doing Bachelors of Engg. in Electronics and Communications. Go ahead with it. Its hot field these days.
Computers/IT these have turned COLD these days.
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