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Project help - interegating AM transmitter & reciever

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Hi all, thanks to all your brilliant help, iv'e managed to make a remote pc Opperated Vibrator (pager) if someone says my name on irc the pager turns on and vibrates until i get to the pc to turn it off.. (Not brilliant I know) but its a start for my first ever project.

At present, im connecting the circuitry via leads, now Today my AM-RT4 (transmitter) and my AM-HRR3 (reciver) arrived (Data sheets included at end) I am wonder how and IF it would be possible to use these to turn the device into a shortrange wireless device that will in turn, turn a relay on to power the pager ? i was doing great.. rattling along until i looked at the datasheets for these.. :( radio signals and such are confusing :(

Any advice and help appreatiated :)

Below is what ive done.. (works on breadboard)

hope this helps.. Trying to put the device in between the relay and motor, to eliminate the wires.

http://sd.dyndns.biz/DS013_3.pdf - AM-rt4 (transmitter)
http://sd.dyndns.biz/DS016_4.pdf - AM-hrr3 (Reciver)


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Unfortunately the datasheets not visible for me, but Your circuit can work only with NPN transistor, and - i think - no need relais for a small motor.


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