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Programming the Texas Instruments TMS320F28379D

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I am trying out for the first time Texas Instruments' LaunchPad Launchxl-F28379D with the microcontroller TMS320F28379D. I am using Code Composer to program the LaunchPad. I have managed to program the microcontroller to switch a PWM output and sample it back into the microcontroller using one of the ADCs. The program is working fine when in Debugging mode, i.e. I can control the running of the program from within Code Composer.

My issue is that when I connect the LaunchPad to my PC's USB to supply it with power the program in the microcontroller will not start to run. i.e. it does not work in stand alone mode, without the need to open Code Composer and reload the program using the Debugger.

Can anyone help me out, please? I am suspecting that: I am missing something to program the microcontroller correctly without the need to enter Debug mode everytime or it is something to do with the Boot modes which I have not fully understood till now.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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