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problem with Gizduino+ with atmega 644p, please help,..

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i used arduinioIDE's blink sample sketch but i get no response,..
i already installed the driver for the board, i have the PWR led on, the COM port is right and the board i used in the IDE is "gizduino+ with atmega644p",.. am i missing something??

any help is much appreciated,..
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i have installed it already,.. and its running now,.. thanks for the help,..
ahm, do you have any links that gives tutorials that involves microphone, speakers and arduino all together? i'm new about this and i have hard time finding where to start,..

Ian Rogers

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No.. I have had issues with NON arduino boards... Some, the IDE has problems with.... I have tried one or two... I had major issues with UN032.... The best site is tronixstuff http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/tutorials/ I use the resource on this site a lot...

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