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Possible phone bug? new to electronics

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I am completely not acquainted with electronics, so I thought somebody out here might have some ideas about my question...
Does this sound like a phone bug?
i recently started receiving calls to my land line from a couple of people i know. they all know each other. before, they would call my cell, but now they keep calling home land line until i pick up. when i do, they usually have a completely weird excuse for their call and hang up.. it all sounds odd. could there be a listening device in my house that's activated by a phone call? i've looked at spy stores online and don't see anything quite like it, but imagine it possible to construct/connect?
it seems like they just want me to pick up the land line...
any ideas?....


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You need to put on your aluminum foil hat. :p


Maybe just checking to see if you're home, if they call your cell there's no telling where you are, if you answer at home they know to be 'on guard' for some reason. Good or bad someone's trying to cover something up.


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um, anyone who actually knows something about phone bugs?
They are kinda like bed bugs only with bigger ears and a reddish hue.

Why on earth do you think your phones are bugged? If they were then why would anyone need to call you, all they would have to do is listen with their bugging device. Your being paranoid.


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I have designed an Infinity bug (see talking electronics website for the circuit) that works like this: You get someone to answer the phone and when they hang up, you whistle down the line and the Infinity bug opens up the line and you can hear everything in the room via the built-in microphone. The only problem is you have to get access to the phone line that you are bugging.

The way to detect the presence of the bug is to add a LED to the phone-line that illuminates when the line is low. If the LED illuminates when the phone is on the hook, a bug is on the line.
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