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Possible chip?

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I'm new on here and looking for some advice
I've made a pcb for an application using 4 relays, it basically has 2 led's on it and 2 magnetic switches and once a switch is activated it sitches on 1 led and stays on until the other switch is activated then the led's change over.
Does anyone know of a possible chip that could do the same job? My current set up runs off 12v but can be changed to any voltage if needed.


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The circuit you need is called a SR Flip-Flop, if you do a web seach there are lots of examples/tutorials

There are many chips that will do that function, but you will need to pay attention to the voltage certain chips run at , some only 5v others 12v , and also the load each output can handle,; many will drive a small low current led but anything more and you might need an extra drive transistor.
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