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Pllzzz help me!! Im new...

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Im new to PIC programming and am interested in it!!!
So GUYZZ plzzzzzz help meeeeee!!!

I found a PIC programmer and dont knw whether its a JDM or RCD????:confused::confused::confused:

Its totally complicated :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
I also got a software CD with that...............
Here is the software

After I installed it and asked it to detect my programmer:mad:...........
it says that "COM3 port is used by a modem or other device"????

Can I use this programmer to do my projects??:mad::mad::confused:
If so how??
Is there any software that i can use to get it to work??

Plzzzzz HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im also interesed in PIC as much as you are!!!
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Looks like a serial port programmer to me...Probably a JDM or an RCD clone.. both work pretty much the same using the serial port lines to power the programmer(cant see a dc supply jack)

The s/w on the cd should tell you how to use it...Is there a Readme file?

You can use it to program pic chips, but it depends on the software supplied as to which ones are supported.
If its a JDM clone then there is plenty of software out there that can be used with it...Ponyprog soft supports JDM and has a comprehensive list of supported devices

Could you post up a list of the files on the CD?

Programming is fairly easy once you have done it a couple of times... load your hex file and program the chip... ( Assuming you already have a compiled hex file)


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Silly question:
Did you connect to the serial port on your computer? ;)
Did you try and manually set the serial port to the one you plugged it in to?
How many serial ports are listed in control panel and did you try them all?


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I'll upload the software on the CD
Its called PICProg4U
I think its a local version!!!

And i told you guys dat im new to this..................
So plzzzzzz tell me how to connect this to ma PC using the software im havin!!!
plzzzzzzz giv me software which is compatible with this programmer!!!!


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Do a forum search for JDM, lots of folks have trouble with those. Also contact the seller or manufacturer. Can you post its schematic?

Also you could try PonyProg software see if it works.


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I have posted the DL link for the software i received from with that
Cant i use that software to connect it to PC????


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You need to answer the questions asked rather than keep asking the same thing. kcriste asked very relevant questions, can you answer them.

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