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PLEASE HELP! No output on my tesla coil

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so i finally got my coil ready to fire it up. but im not getting any output from it. ive double checked everything, but no luck. im hoping someone more experienced than me can help me figure this out. do i have the grounding wrong? let me know if you have any questions or need more information. THANK YOU!!

Here is the video of it in action:



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Your using the garage door rail for a ground? Most door rails are just bolted to the wood frame of the garage, how is that a ground? Have you tried to narrow the safety spark gap? It looks like maybe what ever was sparking,(PCB?) may have been destroyed if it was electronic.


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You can usually get decent arcs even without grounding, though I really wouldn't recommend it for larger tesla coils. It shouldn't prevent it from operating, though.

I think the problem is with the transformer/capacitor matching, and from there it's just tuning. I would also suggest taking off the topload, or at least putting a breakout point (nail or something else with a semi-sharp edge). Otherwise the charge on the toroid will be dissipated without actually breaking out.

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