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Please Help Me on This Network Survey :P

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Hi guys, as part of my research in my company, I need to get this survey done. I hope you guys can help me out, I will appreciate it very much :)

Network Dummies..

Thanks again :)


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I started to fill it in but many of the questions either do not have appropriate choices or do not make sense.

I'm noting these not to criticize but in the hope that they will help you make your survey better.

Question 4 asks the user to choose 2 options, but for me only one (other) applies. Choosing another would be a lie.

At home my service is provided by cable, which is not an option for Question 5 ("How do you connect to the internet at home?")--and there is no "Other" option.

For Question 6, the correct answer for me would be "I run multiple OSes"--except that this option continues on to say "using virtualization technologies". While I do use virtualization, I also use boot managers, plus I have several computers, some of which run different OSes.

Question 15 says to pick only 3 choices, which I would not be able to do truthfully since all apply to me.

Question 26 has nothing to do with the choices given (but I think that this may be a language issue).

Many of the options should have "Other" options with corresponding text inputs.

Anyway, these are mostly nitpicks. However, I cannot complete the survey as it is and tell the whole truth either, so for now I will leave it alone. I wish you good luck with your survey though!


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I just made up stuff! ;)
I didn't understand most of what the survey was asking about. So much for survey accuracy! :p

If you want my honest opinions about my computer illiteracy dont use terms a computer illiterate person wont understand. It sort of mutes the whole concept of figuring out what I dont understand! :eek:

If I asked you what parts of the Spanish language you dont understand, in Spanish, and then expected your answers in Spanish, it really wouldnt accomplish much on both of our parts! ;)
You wouldn't fully understand what I was asking and I would just get nonsense in return. :(


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I did your survey and if I started getting spam mail I will not like you very much...


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Sorry, I do actually contribute to most surveys but only when I know what it is that is trying to be achieved and the research methodology being used - can you share that?

Please note that you are asking questions of a forum which has members from around the world and as such Culture may have a significant bearing and therefore must be considered. (Look for the studies of Hofstede).

All the best.
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i filled in the survey.. what's it for?

some of the questions were a little basic / cloudy, or did not have appropriate answers.. but, eh its cool :)


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Looks to me like a snagger survey..... Another marketing scheme to grab email addresses for spam targets
That would almost make sense, except the form has no place to enter an email address.

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