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Please, choosing an IC

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Hello all. I need to buy a 741 op amp. I thought I could ask for it in my electronics shop. But I'm starting to think that's no the right way, because it seems a 741 is not the chip name :? My question is: What should I ask for? :?:

Please, tell me some usual chips containing one 741 op amp. I would like you to tell me some in case the one I'm asking for is not avaliable.

Thanx in advance :)


you were correct the 1st time, 741 is the device number, the prefix may vary dependant on manufacturer........in most cases its probably just an LM741....but nevertheless still a 741 in an 8 pin dil package.

There are others that are in an 8 pin dil pkge but may not necessarily be a 741!! 358 is an example similar properties to a 741 but its a dual op amp, 2 741's in an 8 pin dil pakge......

So if its a 741 you require that is what you ask for 8)


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you can find it like LM741, uA741, TEA741(in some countries, in some might be something else), SN741, NE741, but if you ask for '741 Op-amp' they will know what to give you!!!
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