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Plasma Y-sus Help

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Hello all,

I have been trying to diagnose a Y-Sustain board for a Vizio 42'' plasma.I already know the

hybrid needs replacing, but i noticed that one diode nearest to one of the

transistors on the heatsink (W9NK70Z in picture) seemed to have split in half after the 70z had

somehow shorted itself out on two of the pins. I already know that i can get a replacement online

for the 70z, but i seem to have no success in finding a replacement for the Diode (F45k).

Has anyone ever had any experience with this type of Diode, and/or board ??

Any replacement that you can think of ??

All replacement boards are way to much money to even consider, but i can get a repair service on ebay for about $70. I just wanted to see if it was possible to fix myself and save some $$.

I do have experience with fixing electronics, but have never dealt with a plasma TV before, so this is new to me.

The board is from a Vizio P42HDTV10a
Part # is 6871QYH053B

Any Help or Suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
Thanks in advance
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It's a general LG YSus board, you can buy an IPM repair kit for it for around $40 from fleabay, or search around for a board from a scrapper. The latter option would be the better choice as it's simply not worth the grief repairing them, unless you are doing so on a large scale. For a one off, the cheapest option for you will be a replacement board.
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