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Hi all:
I need to serialize programming 16F886 programming via 3 EEPROm bytes. So I'm in search of PK2CMD code that runs on win7 -64 bit preferably or WInXP SP2-32bit (old PC with RS232 and Parallel ports for obsolete eqpt use)

I don't see the lates PK2CMD 1.12 on the Microchip archive.
I also have a PK3 if that can do it with other scripting, but I need advice on this.


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MPLAB X comes with PK3CMD which is a command line utility for PICkit3. I'm not sure it can do serialized programming, but their IPE (GUI user interface) certainly can.

Our NSDSP programmer has command line software which can serialize using data in a special file or from parameters passed through a command line. However, it won't work with PK2/3,
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