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pioneer head unit brake bypass

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I saw online I could use a relay to bypass brake switch on the pioneer head unit. I want use something smaller is there another way of doing this. this is how its wired to a relay-pin 30 green(parking brake) wire from radio pin 86 and 87 are Black (ground) wire pin 85 is Blue(remote) wire. So when I turn on the car the radio comes on then powers the remote wire which in turn grounds the parking brake wire from the radio. Any body have a suggestion


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are you sure its not like a svc control, its a cortrol that varies the volume in relation to vehicle speed, but usually only on oem head units


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They can have a mute line (sometimes called a phone mute) or a dimmer line from the dashlight controller.

To make the unit turn on you normally need 3 wires;
1. RED ign power or switched power (+12v)
2. YEL/RED or YEL battery power (always powered +12v)
3. BLA or BROWN is ground


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Is it a head unit with dvd player and screen? Mine require to be wire to the park brake because to have the dvd to work I have to apply the hand brake twice to confirms that I'm parked. You can use a small switch wired to ground to simulate your e-brake.
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