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Pin 1 Problems, RFI, Ground Loops, Noiseless Audio Systems

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:!: I am currently working on some pin 1 issues that is complex in scope due to antenna structures and faulty power wiring in the house.

:?: I have some questions about A,B,C, grounding. That is Signal Ground - A - , Power Supply (earth) Ground - B - , and Chassis Ground - C -.

:?: Anyone here familiar with these issues?

I am new here so please forgive any unintentional implied patronizing. 8)

Here is my 1st question:

Can I simply lift the PCB in the guitar effects rack system, Roland GP-8, from the wrong ground config. state it is in now - where A=B=C - at multiple points throughout the device. Besides making sure the grounds on the board are connected to each other at only one point to the Chassis including the same point for the Earth ground, I also need to isolate any grounds from being transfered from sub system boards to the main via connectors. Are there any other concerns I need to verify prior to this work being implemented that would make my life easier?

Thanks for your help :D



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I'm not really sure what you are getting at. If the shielding on the input and output cables are tied to the enclosure, and the enclosure is closed, then the internal circuitry will be protected from external interferance.

If you are suffering from noise on the ground lines or shields, that is more likely caused by a bad connection than anything else.
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