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PICs, STMs and the IoT

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Hello everybody.
I would like first to thank you all for the help you have given me in the past. I would be very grateful if I can count with that help in this New Year and I wish you the very Best Wishes.

As a project for this new year I am thinking of something related with IoT, But for that first I have to connect my devices to the internet right?

Again this post will be very general. I have some PICs (18F45K20) here in the lab and a STM32 Nucleo board. (I also have a stellaris)
I want to first start with a simple project that will sense something and send that data over the internet...

What do you think I will need for this (and taking into account the boards I have)

I have been searching for a Ethernet Shield (Like the Seeed Ethernet Shield based on W5100- but my store only have W5500) or should I go for Wifi?? (I read somewhere something about CC3000 for Arduino Uno but I dont have that arduino)

Or have someone heard of XBee??

Any help comment advice will be greatly welcomed


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The XBee that I played with will not get you on the internet. They talk to each other very well. Good for making your own network but not world wide.
What are you trying to do?
There is a way to send e-mails when an event happens.
There is a way for your little PIC to have a web page that reports what is happening. But the PC has to look at the web page.
There is a way to "push" data to the net.

sparkfun.com (IOT or Raspberry Pi)
I have a competitor to the Pi. Makes a good IOT development board. My board has LAN, USBs, Video out, Audio in/out. I am using it as a PC. It did not come wireless but for $4.00 I added a USB-wireless thing. There are many forums for help. I see the new Raspberry Pi is $42.00 but it is almost a PC.


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Take a look at the Arduino Yun https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoYun and the Particle Photon https://www.particle.io/ and, of course, the PI.

Sending emails from "home" is such a PITA as I understand. There is a Python script somewhere that can do it with gmail.

Problem #1 is no support for SMTP (password in the clear) or no support for secure email. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_encryption

Running an SMTP server requires an MX record and therefore a paid version of Dynamic DNS.

I can barely get my NAS to send messages without issues.

Running an SMTP relay is a big headache because you do not want that to be open.

dr pepper

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I have played with an esp8266, its tiny and cheap and works with an arduino or pic or any uproc you like, the '8266 has a wifi server and is fairly easy to connect to your ap, it uses (or can use) a json interface which works well with iot.
Its been a while since I messed with it, however you can do all kinds of stuff with it if you have a wifi connection, I just built a weather station linked to the wunderground server.


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Olimax did a web board using a pic I think. I use silicon labs boards for internet stuff, or the R PI. TBH the PI makes the job pretty simple, but I would strongly suggest taking the donkey work away from the SD card and using a USB stick for the file system, or even hooking a hard drive to it.

Might just be me but I destroy SD cards with the Pi pretty quickly. As said above email can be a nightmare, you can get pretty cheap text services though. Considering how popular the PI is, not that many really good books on it, and not many really useful projects published.
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