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Pics and DCC

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Hi All,

Bit of an unusual micro question, have been looking around the web for info on building some Pic based DCC controllers for model trains.

The best looking one is seems to be the MERG UK site About MERG
However to get the latest info sheets etc you have to join the forum at a cost of £18 a year.
Also, even though paying via Paypal they still want you to send a Signed application form - which to be honest is more than most retailers demand for high value online purchases - that just makes me a bit wary.

I wondered if anyone has experience of MERG or knows of any other sites offering proven Diy plans for DCC.

Many thanks.
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This seems to be a good site to start with and there appears to be full specification of DCC here.

Overall, DCC seems to be fairly straight forward and should be relatively simple to implement on a pic.



Maybe a bit late now (your last reply post being in August last year), but this is an N-Scale Decoder with parts list, Circuit PCB details, and downloadable PIC code ... unfortunately his email does not work ( I tried that), but the details are all there to 'do the job' but you may need to do a bit of head scratching in the code, but it is very well documented. Hope it helps.


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