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PICKit 2 for MPLAB X

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heh good luck! i just installed OpenSuse.on a VM to test the AtomIR out. OpenSuse looks pretty cool...
I have been using it since V9.0, just d/l the 11.4 (32 & 64), running on AMD64x2 3Ghz, 6G ram. I hope I can get this running, would be nice, but if I have to do it in a WinXP vm that's ok too, more worried about getting my JuneBug going again, ordering some parts from Mouser.

Got MPLABX installed with a couple of C compilers, may have to fire up my old XP computer and see if Mplab will 'see' my JuneBug.
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Did you manage to get the PK2 to work in X, I couldn't as well the Simulator was buggy. Simulator and PK2 It shows as not Production tested so think it will be awhile.


Did you manage to get the PK2 to work in X, I couldn't as well the Simulator was buggy. Simulator and PK2 It shows as not Production tested so think it will be awhile.
I can't get it to see my Junebug (Pickit2 clone). I am using OpenSuse 11.3 w/ MPLABX 5beta.

Guess it's back to XP for Mplab, bummer, but I did manage to pickup a core2 duo that was getting toss'd out, so all is not lost.
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I've just installed MPLAB-X on a Mac, under OS 10.6.6

It all seemed to install OK but I can't get the assembler to find include files.

To start with, the project import wizard only gave me the option of one of the hard disks as a place for the files, so I moved that.

I pointed the project at the main source file, but most of my project is in included files.

The structure is:-

[main_disk]/mplab/project1/main.s is the main file

It has

 .include second_file.s
as one of the lines.

The file:-
exists, and I can open it from the MPLAB-X environment.

When I build the project, I get an error that says:-

../main.s:3694: Error: can't open second_file.s for reading

where the 3694 is the line number.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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Hi! hope you did not get this anwser too late... Error: can't open .s or .inc

Frist you need to indicate to the ASM compiler the location

Go to proyects-> Build Option -> Project -> Directories...
* Once there, Select the "Assembler include Search Path" and then click "new"
* clicl the "..." buton, and select the location of your existing .inc files

Go to "Project Properties"
* select "Conf:" -> ASM30 -> pic30-as
* select the left box, "Assembler Include Directories"
* Click on create, and then browse...
* Alocate your file... And aplly

Hope this helps... Sorry mi sh1ty english.


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Yeah, I installed MPLAB X a few days ago to see what it was like. I like it overall, and seems to work fine with my PICkit2. There are still some major bugs, though, and some parts of it are more complicated than they were in 8. One bug I've noticed is with Nop() in C18. It reads it as asm and doesn't compile--you actually have to type in Delay1TCY(). Also, I had a bit of trouble getting X to find C18. I actually had to go to tools->options->embedded->"scan for build tools" to get it to find the compiler. In short, I think I'll wait to install it on my main computer until Microchip gets the bugs all worked out.

Just a brief review of my experiences with MPLAB X.
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