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PIC24F digital lines I/O...need help

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hi i am a beginner in the embedded systems.....please help

in the I/O ports section i have read.....
TRIS register means that it will define the direction of the pin which is connected to the particular port

TRISGbits.TRISG1 = 1 will make that line in the input mode...

but what does
PORTGbits.PORTG1 = 1;
LATGbits.LAT1 = 1;


does it mean that it would write 1 to the corresponding line??

Puneet Gupta


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Somewhat yes...
PORTx pins are for reading a pin usually but can be used to set the pin also when the TRISx is set to output.

Its recommended to use LATx pins to set the output to HIGH or LOW when the TRISx of said pin is ouput.

so LATx and PORTx are almost the same but LATx is meant for setting the pin HIGH/LOW

While PORTx is meant to read the pin but can be used to set it also.

TRISx is for direction Input/Output
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