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pic16f877 lcd project

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hi, i m a beginner in pic.
currently, i have a project which to display text in lcd screen using pic16f877.
i need to build the hardware as well as the soft ware.

however, i don't really know how to write the source code using c language.

can someone give some guidance?



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i havent receive the lcd yet.
the project given haven specify yet.

can u give me example how to write it ? i m using CSS c compiler.


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i dont use that compiler. I use C18 but most C compilers are similar and require little changes if the code is well.

You need to know what type of LCD it is. The Pins it has and the controller it uses to write code for it and to wire it.

Otherwise its like being blind and someone asking you is the light red?
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hi, i received lcd for my project already.
it is HD44780A00.
i need the datasheet of it.
can anybody show me where i can get in?
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