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pic16f84 bsf in loop

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Hello everybody.
I have a simple problem, Please help me out.
The code snap goes this way

store_temp ;a defined variable
count_8 ; a counter variable to sit the bits of store_temp as desired

molw D'7'
movwf count_8
bsf store_temp, count_8 ;setting bit one by one
incf count_8
decfsz count_8, 1
goto loop

The problem is the bsf is executed only once. Next cycle no bit is set in store_temp and the loop goes on


I get this

Warning[202] D:\DOCS\DOCS\ASM\TIMER.ASM 81 : Argument out of range.  Least significant bits used.
this is because you only can use a constant (i.e. 0,1,2,..,7 etc.), not a variable (i.e. count_8, counter, etc)
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What are you trying to do in this instruction:

bsf store_temp, count_8 ;setting bit one by one

You are incf and then decf the same file (register)

What do you want to do?

After "goto loop" you should have a few instructions that output a bit to a LED to show the program has actually reached the end of what you are trying to do.
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