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PIC programming

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does PICDEM 2 Plus board support PICkit 2?
Yes but the ICSP connector on the PICDEM 2 is an RJ25* connector used by the ICD2.

I made a simple adapter that has RJ25, 2x5 (junebug), and 1x6 (PICkit2) connectors.

If microchip has an adapter I could not find it. They do have

Part Number: AC164111 - PM3 ICSP RJ11 Adapter

But it will not work with a PICkit2.


* The RJ11 is used for phones and has 6 positions but only contacts in 4 of them. The RJ25 connecter you need looks identical but has contacts for all 6 positions.

If you have the tool for crimping RJ style connectors you can use Radio Shack 279 421.
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