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pic power consumption

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hi there
when i calculate power consumption for a pic system, I would usually find out how much current I am sourcing out of the pins and multiply it with the DC power of 5V (say 3 LEDs with each 25mA which is max sourced out per pin)
my P would be 5 * 75mA

However, if I'm using the UART at a baud rate of 9600 , how do I calculate power consumption now?

Apart from that, how do I exactly calculate the power consumption by a crystal?

According to the 87X datasheet, the Power Dissipation is given by the attached picture. Is power dissipation=power consumption? I would think that the power dissipation is not the consumption but the losses involved.Am I right?



Nigel Goodwin

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Just stick a meter in the power lead and measure the consumption, that will be accurate and correct, trying to calculate it is basically just a guess.
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