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Piano CD player with no power.

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Paul Denman

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Firstly, Please let me apologize for not being an electronics tech, but qualified in AC and Electrics. But Electronics is a different ball game, so i'm hoping you can shed some light on this.
It's a CD player for a playing piano. We recently moved and i eventually powered it up for the first time and nothing. I checked the power supply leading to the cd player and voltage is correct @ 9 v per required voltage.
Clearly there is no typical looking fuses, so can someone advise as to where the fuse is likely to be and who can you recommend for repair.
Normally power supply is supplied via the (to Piano, 6 pin) connector. FYI, i did connect a transformer directly to the alternate power supply with the same results.

Thanks, Paul.



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Welcome to ETO.
As we don't know your location it's impossible to recommend a repairer.
From the looks of the 'to piano' socket it's been cooked, suggesting perhaps a defective component in the CD unit failed and drew excess current. There may or may not be a fuse.
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