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PC Video Cameras

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I am working on an app right now...I need to have up to 16 video cameras on a computer at 1 time. I am taking a snap shot from all sources every 1second and uploading this to a server.
I am not sure this is the best place to post this type of question but does anyone have any suggestions on what types of cameras and or hardware to use?
Right now I am just using usb web cameras which will not be the appropriate thing for use in this project I don't think. Since the length of cable that can be used by these is so limited. Also I would love to go wireless if this is at all possible for what I am trying to do.

Basically I have a box that if a panic button is pressed it send 5v to the serial port and the app I made polls the port for this. When it detects it the application starts the cameras and starts uploading the shots to a webserver. If this information helps any.



Check out X-10.com, they have wireless addressable cameras and setups for PCs. The prices are ok and the picture quality is better than I've seen with PC cams, though certainly not digital camera quality.
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