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Parts for sale (moving into my first house!)

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If you see anything you want just shoot me a PM or reply! I plan on using Amazon to do the transaction. I could use Ebay and Paypal, but would rather not. They gave me terrible buyer assistance once (so I lost $220). Plus they are evil anyways. We can work out shipping when everything is totaled.

As you can see by the prices, I am not trying to make money. This is just a lot better than throwing things out when I move. Proceeds will be well spent on Pizza and Shock Top (best beer I have had so far!). Or maybe I will buy a 3pi robot...hmmm

1 Max698CWE, SO-16 CPU supervisory, $1

200 Loctite RC/609 single use 0.02FlOz retaining compound (for bonding cylindrical parts) 5 for $1

Pheonix Contact DFLK50 50-pin D-Sub breakout module. Or 14 3-pos SMDKS 3/3, and 4 2-pos SMDK 2/3 (all angled terminals) if you take it apart. $113.12 on Digikey, will get rid of it for $20.

Phoenix Contact UM 45-SEFE 20-pin D-Sub breakout module. Or 3 MKKDSN 6-pos and 2 MKKDSN 4-pos terminals, and a d-sub. $5

11 male db-25 solder cup, gold color pins but marked as tin? Digikey# 1125M-ND $1 each

17 male db-15 solder cup. same type as above. $0.75 each, $10 takes all

5 female db-25 metal/gold d-sub for ribbon cable, Digikey# AFR25G-ND Lowest price on Digikey was $37.155. I will sell for $10 each, $40 all.

7 Rocker switch SPST, red illuminated (125VAC), Digikey# SW313-ND $2.27 Digikey. $1 each, $6 all.

7 pushbutton switch SPST, momentary red. Digikey# EG2005-ND $2.22 Digikey, $1 each $6 all.

2 Phoenix Contact 12-pos 0.2" spacing Header, Male Pin, Shrouded, green. Digikey# 277-1160-ND $1 each

1 Phoenix Concact 12-pos terminal block plug (mates to above header), Digikey#277-1050-ND $7

2 Phoenix Contact 10-pos 0.2" spacing header, Male pin, shrouded, green. Digikey# 277-1158-ND $1 each

1 Phoenix Contact 10-pos terminal block plug (mates to above header), Digikey# 277-1048-ND $6

5 EAO pushbutton switches, yellow illuminated. Relay rated at 500V, 10A, SPDT. Look like EAO Series 04 type to me. Newark# 50F7289 matches eao part number, but mine are gray with opaque gray round bezel instead of one in picture on Newark. Really expensive switch for $10 each!

1 Alcoswitch, 6A Push-to-lock, red, twist to unlock (good for emergency stop) Digikey# RM0652-ND retail $45 selling for $10.

4 Kilo Dial Model 3412 0008, 20 turn with brake, black aluminum, Digikey# 3412KL-ND, $6 each, $20 takes all (18.25 each on DigiKey)

11 Cherry Switch PHCA-3114, BCD output, + and - buttons increment/decrement from 0-9, Digikey# CH246-ND $4 each

D-Link DWL-G730AP accessory kits:
D-Link 5V 1.2A REGULATED wall warts. No connector at end
USB power adapter. Just taps 5V from powered USB port.
short black flat CAT5 cable.
Accessory case (An Inchworm programmer fits nicely in there!)

4 Inverters for 4" CCFT lamps. Got from Allelectronics.com (INV-4) for $6.78 each $4 each for $12 for all 4. Keep in mind these are high voltage!

2 TDK CXA-2090 inverters. I believe these were for the 6" tubes. 9V DC input I think. $3 each.

2 Yellow CCFL lamps, 4". $3 each

1 Blue 6" CCFL lamp. $4

1 Green CCFL lamp, 4", $3

1 Blacklight (Ultraviolet) CCFL lamp, 4", $3

1 Blue CCFL lamp, 4", $3

50 pack of Molex Multi-Lock connectors 22-18AWG. part# 192160047 $5 whole pack

50 pack of Molex Multi-Lock 16-14 part# 192160046 $5 whole pack

43 3M Scotchlok T-Tap disconnect terminals, 22-18AWG $5 whole box

20 Molex 3 position Mini-Fit Sr™ 42816 HEAVY DUTY Power Receptacle for 8AWG. 10mm pitch, Digikey part# WM1928-ND. selling with 3 crimps each (WM1915). 1$ each

20 Molex 3 position Mini-Fit Sr™ Plug, panel mount, for above connector. Comes with WM1916 crimps. $1 each

20 Molex 2 position Mini-Fit Sr™ Receptacle (same as above), come with crimps $1 each

20 Molex 2 position Mini-Fit Sr™ Panel mount Plug (same as above), come with crimps $1 each
I have 100 of each crimp for above 4 connectors, so Let me know if you just want all of it.

26 DB9(same as serial conn on PC) to molex dual row plug (smaller than .1" pitch). Left overs from PC-104 accessories. $1 each

13 Parallel port to molex dual row plug (smaller than .1" pitch). Left overs from PC-104. $1 each

26 dual usb panel mount to Molex dual row plug (smaller than .1" pitch). I am not sure if they use the same pinout as a USB mobo connection, but plug is too small anyways. $1 each

TTL chips:
I have a large assortment of around 300 TTL logic IC's. Many different types of gates, latches.... and I know I have 2 7-segment driver chips(sell for $3 each).
So let me know if you want specific logic chips and I will take a look! If you get other stuff I will just throw some in if you want!

I also have some multi-pin, sealed, military style connectors. If anyone is interested I can try finding them.
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The parts I bought arrived yesterday. Thanks for throwing in that 5V wall wart too. I'm sure it will come in handy.

Good luck with the first house.
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