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Paid Job, schmatic for Ring Light

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Jamie Pocock

New Member
Hi, I have not done electronics for over 14 years now and really can't be doing with going back over everything to make this circuit I need.

I am willing to pay someone £30 UK pounds through PayPal if they can make me a labelled schmatic for the following.

I need a circuit to make a Ringlight very much like this Studio DIY: Disposable Camera Ring Flash | DIYPhotography.net

But the thing is I want 20 flashes all triggered at once and the ability to control the cap discharge put into the flash tubes so I can have 4 diffrent light levels from the device.

I need one LED to say charging is complete on all caps (or maybe one I dont know)

I can not have any flashes not firing as the light effect that a ring light provides will not be correct So if level adjustment is to difficult then just have one brightness level.

I am going to be using flash heads / (maybe circuits) from disposible cameras as the link shows plus the wireless trigger.

I would also like all electronics in one box that can sit on the floor and just the minium components in the flash head as it needs to be light.

I have good soldering skills from my 2 year electronics couse some 14 years ago, well I did have last time I tried. So removing the flashes etc should not be a problem for me.

I would also like an mobile power source + mains option in the box of tricks.

Any one feel brave enough to give this ago. I have lots of mini form factor PC power supplies here so I can use the various voltages from one for powering this but would like a battery option too.

Any one help,

Please contact me if you need more info.

Not open for further replies.

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