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Oshon's Pic Simulator IDE - Run-time error 9, Help..!!


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I have been using Oshon's Pic Simulator IDE for some time now and find it very useful. I recently tried writing some code for a pic16 micro to control an I2C memory device and an LCD display.

All was going well until, one day I opened up the pic simulator program and got the error message. The message said "Run-time error 9", subscript out of range, and an OK button. When i click the OK button the program closes down. Now seem to have a program I can't use.

:( Can anyone help please.
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Ian Rogers

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You need to re-install it... Vladimir has an uninstall program that gets rid of everything.... It seems as if common file is corrupt!



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This is the email I got for a similar problem.

Hi Eric,

To get rid of the 380 error you need to perform the following:
- Using regedit.exe application delete the key:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PIC Simulator IDE]
(regedit.exe can be found in C:\WINDOWS\ folder, or you can
run it with the Run Start menu command by typing regedit.)

Now, please install your license again using the instructions
from the official license e-mail.

Stay well and best regards,


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Thanks guys... Downloaded "totaluninstaller.exe" as surgested, reinstalled the picsimulatoride program and licence key and all is well again.
I'm once again a happy little pic programmer. :) It's been very interesting looking around "Lectro-tech-online", I must remember to pop back some time soon.

Thanks again guys for your help.



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I was having Run time error 11 and the only way to solve it was deleting the registry key, as Eric told.. Thanks.. and beste regards..

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