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oscillator circuit???


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I have an automotive cassette player that I am trying to hack the electronics from and use to make an mp3 player input for my car stereo. It is a factory stereo so it needs some of the electronics in the aux cassette player for the audio ports to open correctly. I would like to remove all of the tape related components (motors & gears) and just use the electronics. The problem I am having is there is a gear inside the unit that has a shiny disk with pie segments alternating black and white. This disk rotates when the cassette is playing. There appears to be some sort of photo sensor mounted above this disk that detects if the disk stops spinning indicating the tape has run out or is jammed. I would like to remove this sensor and replace it with some other components that will not require the motor to spin.

I'm not sure on the specifics on this sensor/disk combination as far as what the limits are on the speed of the changing of the colors. I would probably need a circuit that has some adjustability at least initially.

I can take some pictures of the sensor if that would be helpful.

The cassette player is a Delco remote mounted unit used in several GM vehicles. Examples of this unit can be found on eBay.

Any ideas on how I can make this work?

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