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Optoelectronics GSM Detector

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I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of the product sold by Optoelectronics, the Digital Scout. It is supposed to detect the digital GSM frequency emanating from a digital cell phone. Does it work as advertised? Does this particular device use some known schematic? Thank you for any light you may shed on my question.


If you're going to ask us about a product it's customary to provide a link for it so we don't have to go hunt it down =)

For 500 bucks it damn well better work, or you'll get your money back =) What would be the point of the device aside from something that's likely illegal?


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I have seen GSM detectors as a vibrating alert for a phone that hasn't go it built in.

Alternatively, car radio muting can be done by detecting GSM rather than with a wired or bluetooth connection.


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Optoelectronics, Inc.

ALL I want is to read the amount of megahertz that my cell phone is emanating. GSM is digital and this device is supposed to measure digital. It doesn't. I see that my particular phone is supposed to emanate either 800 or 900 megahertz.

Thank you.
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