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on off every second press on button


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how can i create simple circuit(dc) that will change state every second press?
press and release - on
press and release - still on
press and release - off
press and release - still off

or: another option
press - on
release - still on
press - off
release - still off

can it be done without controller?


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Welcome to ETO!
This page has some circuits for the second option. The first option would require more complicated circuitry.


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Les Jones

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One possible solution to the first option would be to use a CD4017 (Or CD4022). Each press of the button would clock the CD4017 to the next state.
You would have a power on reset circuit to set it to state 0 the first press would set it to state 1. State 1 and state 2 outputs would be ORed together to give the output. So in states 1 and 2 the output would be on. The second press would set it to state 2 (so the output of the OR gate would still be high.) The third press would go to state 3 (So the output would be off.) the fourth press would go to state 4 but output 4 would be wired back to the reset pin so it would jump back to state 0.



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The second bit of any binary counter that's clocked by the debounced button will do what you want.


dr pepper

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If you dont fancy the electronic approach you can use something like a sequencing relay, which will satisfy your second rule.

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