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OLED screen/module gone bad

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Hi im new to the forum i joined in hopes that someone could help shed some light on my situation...
i also joined to other forums in hopes of some answers but have received nothing not one reply yet...:(

I'm hoping I can pick your brains and someone can help on my situation
I have an OLED screen/module that appears to have gone blank, how could I check this....to see if its the screen or module
some help in fixing or repairing this would be very much appreciated....thanks in advance

here is a pic of the OLED screen/module and board... it plugs into a bigger board...
there is nothing wrong with the board that it plugs into the module or screen is the problem

pics below include when it worked lit up
the screen and circuit of the back...and reference pic of actual size...
and also the board that it plugs into..
can it be fixed .....o_O

p.s. the board is from Tadao technologies is has gone out of business so i cant get help from them

Not open for further replies.

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