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Now here real Engineering

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Cool business card all right.:)
But what else can he actualy do besides business cards? :D
And catapults? :p


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Interestingly enough, at several conferences and seminars I have attended, things like this - stuff called "premiums" ( A.K.A. loot or swag ) have completely derailed meetings of engineers and other professionals. Hilarious

Picture a large conference table with a bunch of people playing "castle seige" with these catapults, while the balance of the attendees marvel at the ingenuity of the device.

At trade shows I have seen near stampedes to certain vendors booths just because they hand out interesting stuff.

Many times now if there is any stuff handed out it is done at the end of the gathering, just to keep everybody focused.

I bet this guy generates more interest via this card than by reputation alone.

His website shows some pretty interesting items anyways.


At least it's 'smart schwag' not the stupid pen's with built in lights or pedometers and coffee cups like many other industries toss out. Stupid toy aside you have to give the guy credit for coming up with an idea like that for a mechanical engineers business card. Very slick, and more importantly, pertinent to his actual business, if even a in a trivial way.
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