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NOS Transistor with brittle leads

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Happy Thursday everybody!
I managed to get what is probably a genuine Toshiba 1996 2SA1302 with green epoxy, to repair a PA, and started bending it's leads to match the original which have a semi-circle bent into them, presumably to allow for thermal expansion. They creaked and crackled a bit, then Whoops - the collector lead snapped!
Seems the leads are very brittle.
Is this something known to happen with components that have been stored a long time (this would be 20 years) or just with old Tosh trannys, or do I have reason to be suspicious?
I tried bending the leads of the original transistor a bit, they were pliable like they should be.

I'm going to bolster the leads with the cut off ones from the old transistor.

BTW I think the transistor is genuine after reading this thread: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/solid-state/5064-toshiba-2sc3281-2sa1302-these-fakes.html
Only 1 dot, date mark indicates June '96, couldn't wipe the writing off with acetone (though I could scratch it with my nail a bit) and the "o" is in the right place. I eventually tested the collector capacitance and it's comparable to the data sheet.
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