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Noob looking for a switch that "Pulses"

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I'm new to electronics and decided to try my hand at getting a old slot machine to work in a basic way. I have most of it figured out however I have a switch that triggers the solenoid that lets the reels spin. The problem is if someone holds the arm down the solenoid keeps getting power which is really noisy and probably not good for the solenoid. I'm hoping that someone makes a switch that just gives a short pulse when triggered, I'm open to any other ideas as well. Thanks for your time


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Is the solenoid AC? (I assume that because you said it is noisy) If not, then you can use a capacitor circuit in series with the solenoid to reduce the activation duration.

Another option is a make-before-break switch (in addition to the existing switch) which can be wired to only be "on" during a small portion of the lever transition.

EDIT: a single-pole make-before-break switch will suffice (multi-pole not required)
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