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Newbie engineer needing a multimeter...

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Hi there everyone:) I've always been a big fan of little electronic projects in my spare time, though until recently (just started my electrical engineering undergrad degree a few months ago) I haven't had the technical knowledge to do anything too complicated. Since I'm taking this electronics thing further now (and loving it:p), I'm thinking I need to upgrade my multimeter. The one I have now is just a simple voltage, current and resistance tester, but obviously there's a lot more out there. Any recommendations? (not necessarily specific models, but features I should look out for / are a waste of money)

Also, I read somewhere yesterday that the electrical engineer's three most important tools are a multimeter, logic tester and oscilloscope. When they say "logic tester" what exactly are they referring to? Is it anything more than the simple continuity feature I have on my little multimeter?



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A multimeter that also measures capacitance and inductance is useful.


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I bought a high quality expensive Fluke multimeter.
My boss wanted to show how much money I wasted so he bought a cheap Chinese one from Radio Shack that failed in two days. Its replacement did not work.

My Fluke still works perfectly about 15 years later.


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There are many many items I would select before a "logic analyzer". Variable DC bench power supplies, function and signal generators, etc. By the way I bought a used Fluke model 45 bench DVM and it's one of the best pieces of test equipment I ever used. A O-scope is such a versatile piece of test equipment that it should be high on your list.



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I have personally used the MeTex and the Wavetek brands for many years.
My MeTex is a M-4650 model and is about 18 years old and still works perfect! And I am rather abusive with it! I bought it as a teenager and didn't know much back then and it still survived! :eek::)
Its been left out in the rain and snow countless times. Its been dropped off a roof twice and left in hot vehicles countless times too!

My Wavetek is a DM27XT and is around 15 years old and has been through equal abuse! :eek:
And god only knows what has happened to them when they got borrowed! :eek:
Both are daily users to so they are no shelf queens by any definition! ;)

I am personally not pleased with the cost and or the overall performance of the Flukes.
Around my circle Fluke is a rich mans meter. And as of lately there is growing evidence that they may have changed the design in some way and the newer versions are failing or developing reading rate glitches and odd bugs shortly after warranty is up!

I have had several customers and friends that had Flukes ask me what I liked and dumped their Fluke meters when they "just died or bugged out" and never have been unsatisfied with the newer middle range brands.
And everyone said what they bought has more ranges and functions for less price, and in day to day use they have never felt the overall accuracy was any different.

We have saying: Its a "Fluke" that anyone pays that much for a basic meter! :p

I would never buy one and if given one I would sell it on EBay to some rich sucker and take the money and get a middle ranged meter with a better range of functions.

Yea I bad mouth the Flukes, But $300 for a basic auto range meter
That cant definitively prove itself to be any more accurate durable or reliable than a good $80 auto ranging meter that has more functions and capabilities, Plus often has the same or even better warranty!?!

But dont buy the bottom end cheapest either for day to day use.

If your looking to have some expendables though, I recomend getting the $5 basic digitals from Harbor Freight. For $5 they are great loaners and do get you a fair reading. I buy them 10 at a time and anyone that wants to borrow a meter just gets to keep it. I keep one in every vehicle and two or three in my service tool boxes (along with the old reliables) for when I need to take multiple readings on occasion.

Do your research and find one that is right for you! Your in the right place for getting personal opinions and personal hands on reviews!
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