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new realy from 500ms to1s contating time


New Member
any one can helpme to make a new realy that must contact atleast 500ms to 1s
after that time i need relay cut off automatically,realy coil voltage i like to use dc5volt.supply coming from ac to dc converter.also i like to use a regulator for 5volt supply.if i turn off ac power supply relay must be reset,then affter i turn on ac suply switch relay have to contact only 500ms to 1s.
every time i turn on ac supply,5volt dc coil isolated relay must start cotact only 5ooms to 1s.i expecting your good response.
please informe me which is the best isolated relay in 5volt.


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The attached is a relay monostable that will close the relay contacts for a brief period when +5V is applied. When the +5V is removed it will be reset, ready for another pulse when the +5v is reapplied. The pulse length is dependent on the value of C1, the coil resistance of RLY1, and the drop-out voltage of RLY1.



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