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New popups?


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I've started getting popups on this site on both my desktop and tablet. Is this a new "feature " of the site or do I need to start a malware hunt?



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I have not noticed any popups.



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None in my desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


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I'm not seeing any on Chrome - but my "adguard" plugin is showing that it is blocking things on this site.

Checking the adguard log, there is an occasional off-site link to
ht tps :// ml314.com/ tag.aspx?82

(Parts separated to avoid accidental clicks, in case it's a nasty).

Also various bits of javascript are being blocked.


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I am also using Chrome, and I did see something like Mickster has shown, whether it was on this site I cannot remember, but it was a fleeting thing and t the time I thought it was because I had passed the mouse pointer across some link.


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