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New here. Fading LED project

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Hi Im new here and have been searching for a design. I want to install some LED's in my car door panels and have them fade blue/green/red etc. Ive found projects that allow this but I also want to be able to find a color I like and hold it at that color. I have a very small amount of circuit knowledge. Any help would be great. Diagrams, instructions, videos or just point me in the right direction.
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You really need an RGB controller circuit for this using a microcontroller such as a PIC but you will need at least a minimal understanding of programming to even rip someone elses code let alone write your own.

Do a search on google for RGB pic circuit or led moodlight circuit and have a look at some code to see if you will be able to go down this route.

Off hand I cant think of a non micro way to do what you want.

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