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New battery : Need suggestion

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Andrew J. Burgess

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Hi Andrew,

Five years is not bad, especially in Toronto. You cant put the magic snake oil in the battery; it is a sealed AGM.I wouldn't put anything other than distilled water into a flooded-cell battery with caps anyway ...

I would use a smart AGM float-charger if the vehicle is not driven at least one day a week to overcome the parasitic draw while the vehicle is parked. A heater pad under the battery will help the battery on a cold morning...

I have several AGMs in vehicles..., I am getting to the point where I prefer them over flooded cell batteries, especially in my airplanes, where vented acid is a horrible problem.

In Arizona, the heat kills batteries (due to self-discharge at 39degC). Where you live, cold is good for batteries in terms of their longevity, but it is in the cold weather (at 0degC when the oil in the crankcase is stiff) that you finally learn that you should have bought a new battery the previous fall ;)
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You fit the biggest capacity battery possible which fits in the battery tray,
Less voltage drop during cranking = More torque spinning the engine around.
Especially on cold mornings with a diesel engine.
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