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Negative voltage for e-ink panel


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I was trying to find a way to supply some negative voltages required for this display: ED097OC4, this is the datasheet: http://www.universaldisplay.asia/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ED097OC4.pdf

It needs +22v, -20, +15v and -15v. +15 and -15 require about 30ma typical and 70ma maximum, the other 2 just a few milliamps.

I was hoping to be able to use this:
But i've been told that, and i quote, "no, because the negative (ground) side of the input to the board carries through to the output side ground. You will have to find a device with a transformer that totally isolates the input ground from the output ground."

Also in the description it says "3 -Vo cannot be used alone, or no voltage output.But you can just use +Vo " which i understand to mean that the positive output must have a load in order for the negative output to work.. Would this be a problem?

Here there are a couple of schematics which succesfuly power and control a very similar display, the ED060SC4. It is using a LT3463:

or with the LT1945:

any thoughts? thanks
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