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Needing Some Assistance

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Well I'll be the first to admit that I do not have alot of electrical circuit experience. Although I've been learning more and more how to design and create circuits. At this point I'm still behind where I need to be to get an idea off the ground. What I DO need to get this idea off the ground is a circuit to control a heating element. I'm actually contacting several heating element companies to price quote what I need as that I can't find a heating element I can salvage that meets my needs;
This circuit needs 3 states; 1) off 2) at rest 3) action
1) simple; it's off
2) will power the heating element partly; bringing it to 185-200 C
3) will be triggered from state 2 to bring the temperature to 300-385 C

The trigger from 2 to 3 will be a simple push button; Ultimately I would like to have LEDs indicating the states as well as a temperature monitor LED display. Sorry to make my first post a request, but to be honest I'm running out of places to look. If this is a bit to complex of a REQUEST; feel free to PM me if your interested in crafting me one of these for reimbursement for time, effort, parts, etc.

Nigel Goodwin

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You can't just 'power' an element to a certain temperature, you need a sensor which feeds the temperature at that specific point back to a controller.

While a simple thermostat can easily be built using a comparator, your wish for LED's etc. means that the best method is probably to use a PIC or other micro-controller.


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Ready made devices are available commercially.
Google "programmable temperature controller"
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