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Need urgent help to find some components data sheets

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Hi fellas,
As my nick suggests, I am new here so pls go easy on me k :wink:
I am in urgent need to find the following data sheets and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me.
The data sheets I need are :
1) voltage regulator 78097812
2) SCR X0103BA
3) transistor C1815, DC337, BD140
4) adjustable voltage regulator LM317
5) IC 4011BE
6) IC ICM7556
7) 555 Timer
I know it's quite a few but I hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance.


It's quite easy to find various data sheets openly on the web -- simply do a google search for "the desired item" + "datasheet", as in LM317 + datasheet... you'll get a hit list like this one

Most manufacturers and many distributors will also have them avaialble. For example, go to www.ti.com to get the datasheets for all active TI devices and many obsolete ones as well. Motorola/OnSemi devices can be found at www.onsemi.com, and so on. Mouser (www.mouser.com) makes many datasheets available for in-stock items, while DigiKey (www.digikey.com) provides links to the manufacturers' sites for stocked components.

Of course, if you need a lot of datasheets and you want to get them from a single source, you can always subscribe to chipdocs.com...[/url]
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