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Need to hire someone to build a project?

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Can anyone tell me where to hire or just where to look to hire someone to build a project for me? I've searched online and got nowhere...

This project has stalled do to my inexperience and i would like to hire someone, project details below

Small motor with lead screw that will run from 10-20 minutes at a time and travel approx 2 inches per second then imediately reverse direction to the start position and repeat.
In a previous thread i recieved ideas on how to proceed. I believe with cross over relays and microswitches.
to continue, the motor will be inside a closed case, with some sort of speed control, 2 or 3 settings are fine. It must be approx. 9 inches tall, run on 8 aa batteries, the lead screw will travel up and down pushing approx 2 lbs.

Would like to work w/someone in NJ.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks
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