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Need recommendation for microcontroller (IOT Project)

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I recently arranged an internship at this company that does some IOT projects (though they outsource the development). They basically would like me to figure out a way to develop it themselves, as the costs for their IOT project right now are just humongous. It's a very exciting project and I'm looking forward to it, as it means learning so much more new stuff compared to uni.

I have some months of experience with an Arduino IOT project, so I know the basics of it. However, I know Arduino isn't necessarily the greatest (rather, easy to get into) so I was wondering if anyone here has some suggestions. I will have plenty of time to learn something new and get used to it so that shouldn't be an issue.

Priorities for this IOT project would be costs, power consumption and reliability. Size isn't really important, and I would only need to use an accelerometer + ultrasonic for what I intend to do. Cellular connection is an absolute neccessity.
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