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need of some application based project ideas

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hi guys,
:) since u may see that i am very new user here, The problem that i wan to share is that i need some project idea 4rm experienced members for my final year of bachelors program of electronics engineering.

i have a high interest in the field of robotics specilly, plz kindly reply me with some cool project ideas but please those which must be having some application in daily life. AHHHHHHHHHH,,,, u know those university projects!!!!

thankful to any of ur reply..........


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Far as I know text is free here. So feel free to spell all the words out and correctly too.

How about a robotic arm that can hold my plasma cutter torch and do the complex shape cutting like a CNC table but smaller and cheaper? I would love one of those! :D


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I would like to see a device that goes between your keyboard and PC that can detect textspeak and instantly shutdown the PC while wiping the HD. That would make a great university project.


Improved Robotic Guidance Sensor/Algorithm

A lot of robot constructors use the trial and error method of guiding the movement of their devices. ....
... Get a sensor reading
... move left ..
.... get sensor reading, if better move left again, if not, move right
.... and so on...

If you were to take a group of phototransistors, maybe 10 or 12, and arrange them in a forward looking semicircle, then some of the transistors would get more signal level from a target ....maybe a light, a fire source, or a white line .... than other transistors.

Maybe use some sort of recessed mount for each phototransistor to improve the signal contrast level.

If you could associate the specific 'highest signal received' transistor with a direction command to the steering hardware, maybe you would have a more efficient directional command algorithm.

... not sure if this has already been done or not.

If you could get the device to respond to a laser pointer, move it around, back and forth .... sort of a robotic cat.
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for some quick replies, as far as about the "correct words", may be i have to improve my english writhing!!!!
i love the ideas given by the tcmtech and blueroomelectronics, could you guys plzzzz explain a little more abt those so i could really go on... and plzzz think of those that here in pakistan i have a very less number of resources..... thanks and waiting for some fast reply.....?


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Sorry about the text picking! This site gets a lot of lazy high school and college kids. your typing just looked like one.
Being english is a second language most likely you have my respect. I have only one language.

Cant really explainthe plasma cutter robot arm any better. Check out CNC plasma cutter tables online. watch how they work. then make a robotic arm that can do that as well. Just smaller and cheeper!
$30,000 for a basic CNC torch table is way out of most peoples price range for hobby or limited production use. but if you could make a simple robotic arm that could hold a standard hand torch for far far less you may have a super product! Or run wood working tools too!


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Check out the robotic welders too! Thats what I got the idea from. ;)
Put multiple "hands" on it to hold other hobby and fabrication devices as well. :)
If it makes you a millionare I expect some kick backs though! :D

Seriously. I will hunt you down if you dont! :eek:
Death is permanet. Suffering lasts a life time! :D
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